Friday, September 13, 2013

Roo Beauty Storage

I showed you earlier this week, how I store my polish and nail art supplies at home.  The majority of my nail clients come to my home for treatments, but occasionally I am happy to go to their home instead - some of my clients are older or have mobility issues so it makes sense that I go out to them.

I used to tote around a huge wheeled trolley with all my supplies in, but it was back breaking getting it in and out of the car.

Then I found Roo Beauty and their storage solutions.  I already own a number of their polish rolls, which can hold up to 12 polishes at a time, but this week I took advantage of the Roo Beauty sale and decided to try out another couple of items.

The first item I went for was the Nail Polish Storage Set in soft jade, as it was virtually half price.  This was a soft case, and another polish roll.

I also decided to go for the Double It Imperial in black, as this has room for 18 polishes and loads of my manicure tools too. 

Between the two purchases, I now have a safe way to carry 50 polishes and tools, when I'm out on mobile calls.  Both cases have padded inserts that keep the bottles upright, and stop them from smashing together.


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