Sunday, September 08, 2013


Yesterday I said that I wasn't sure about DS Pewter, I wasn't particularly impressed that it was a textured polish, as I was expecting the usual DS brilliant shine.  I also mentioned how, like most glitters/textured polishes, it was very thirsty for top coat.

Today - I decided to put another layer of OPI Rapid Dry topcoat on, and... what a transformation. This is the blingiest of the blingiest.  At one point, the sun came through the dining room, bounced off my nails and forced 'im indoors to cover his eyes.  Seriously.

I prefer this with a top coat - I do like textured polishes, and have LOTS of the OPI Liquid Sand range, I just wanted this to be a super-shiny polish.  Which it now is :)

New photos below (click for bigger):




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