Monday, September 09, 2013

Polish Addict Set Up

I have my 'nail stuff' (mostly) stored in a cupboard in our dining room.  It's ideal as we have lovely comfy chairs in there for clients, portable tables that I can pull up right next to them, it's nice and bright, and everything is in one place.

The polish is stored in colour groups, so they are easy for me to find - glitters and treatments are stored in their own separate boxes too.  Bottom right is where I store my 'take-away flip flops' for clients who book a pedicure, and then forget to bring open toed shoes with them for when they leave. (Picture below was taken this evening after a client had left, and hasn't been tidied up - messy puppy Click for bigger).

99% of the time I use OPI products, purely because they are the brand that I have found give the best longevity and shine on my own nails.  I'm usually very hardwearing on polish - I can paint my nails in the evening, and they will be peeling off in the car on the way to work the next day.  With OPI I can get upto 7 days on my own nails (depending on the polish) and have had clients say that they have had 10 days, if they were Marigolds when washing up etc.

For the perfect, long lasting manicure, I always use OPI Matte Nail Envy as a base coat.  Nail Envy is an amazing treatment in it's own right, it's helped me to grow my nails past their usual nubbins stage, but the Matte Nail Envy provides a brilliant key for polish.  After base coat, comes 2 coats of your favourite colour and then I finish off with OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat, which gives a brilliant, long lasting shine.  I always use OPI polish remover on clients, I have two types, acetone free polish remover for traditional manicures/pedicures and the brilliant OPI Expert Touch for removing enhancements or Gel Polish.

I store all of my OPI Gel Polishes in the OPI Manicure Case - firstly because it's pretty, secondly because I love the size of it, and the drawer underneath is perfect for storing the tools required for Gel Manicures (including my LED lamp) and thirdly, the case helps to protect the products from any UV light, ensuring they don't 'cure' in the bottle.

I carry out most of my nail treatments/manicures in my own home, but some clients have mobility issues and I am happy to do call outs to their home.  Keeping my products safe in transit is really important, bottles banging together can result in nasty, expensive breakages.  To that end, I've bought a number of polish rolls from Roo Beauty, these store up to 12 bottles of polish, even the larger OPI ones, and then roll up neatly to put in your carry case.  Today I also ordered one of their 'Double-It' cases and an 'Imperial Polish Holder' set.

Apart from seeing the finished result of a manicure/pedicure, the thing I love most about being a nail tech, is the deliveries.  The excitement of getting one of these in the post makes me giddy.

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