Friday, June 26, 2015

Gosh... doesn't time fly!

I just realised today that I haven't been here for ages. Hope you're all OK?

I have been mostly spending time in my crafty cave (when not at work or looking after Mini Mint) - I have rekindled my love of sewing, and for the last 18 months have made all of my, and Mini Mint's clothes.

My new 'craze' is recycling MY clothes, to make clothes for Mini Mint, who is now 10. I've recently lost a lot of weight (more still to lose) and have obviously ended up with clothes too big for me - so I've taken them to pieces and used the fabric. Last weekend saw me make 5 new T-Shirts for Mini Mint, from my old ones and last night I made him a pair of cargo pants, upcycled from my old pair. Whole wardrobe of clothes for £00.00.

As well as making T-shirts last weekend, I also sorted out my craft area, which was long overdue - it was previously full of conservatory furniture which we have just sold, giving me tons of space.

And - if I'm not sewing, I'm badging, Mr Mint bought me a badge making machine last year, after much whining from me, which encouraged me to set up a facebook page - Badge-a-Ria, where I sell custom badges and handmade bags of awesomeness.