Monday, September 09, 2013

Pound Land

I don't shop in PoundLand very often, purely because it's out of the way for me, I went in recently to get supplies to top up Mini Mint's craft cupboard, and spotted lots of nail art bargains.

First up - I'd seen that Nails Inc had brought out one of these polish remover pots, while I liked the idea of it - ideal to keep in the drawer in work for any chipped polish disasters, I wasn't fussed on the price so gave it a miss.  And then I spotted this in PoundLand. I ended up buying two - I use one for 'normal' polish and one for glitters. 

The pot is filled with a sponge, which is saturated with polish remover (acetone based).  You stick your finger in the sponge, and  normal polish comes off with a couple of twists, and I had a go at the OPI DS Pewter this afternoon, and while it didn't take ALL of it in one go, it didn't do too bad of a job.


I also picked up some nail art supplies - again, obviously, all at £1.00 each.  The chain stickers are awesome - I'm actually on my second pack of those as I had three clients in a row that wanted denim and chain nail art.  (click picture to make it bigger). The gems come with a little buffer and orange stick to help you to position them properly, and can be stuck on with top coat - and then another coat of topcoat to seal them onto your nail.

I store my nail art in see through/PVC pouches that I also bought from PoundLand - I think there were actually 2 for £1.00.  I have one for nail tools, one for nail art and another for stamping plates.

N.B. These products were all bought by myself


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