Sunday, August 18, 2013

I am Tilly Mint, and I'm an addict.

People who know me in real life, know that if I 'get into' something - I go the whole hog. I have to have EVERYTHING.  My latest fave band?  I scour the internet finding every recording, bootleg, signed item that I can get my hands on.  Jewellery making - I needs all the things. 

I've always loved painting my nails, and my friends' nails, so took myself off to college, and qualified as a nail technician, but now I'm also addicted to having all the nail kit I can find.  It's a curse.

My most recent 'addiction' is Fred and Friends kitchen wear.  I already have all of their Matryoshka stuff, the salt and pepper cruet, the food boxes, the glasses, the measuring cups and spoons...

Mini Mint eats his meals from a Food Face Dinner Plate.
But, here is where I get a little bit crazy in love with cuteness... the Fred and Friends cookie cutters!  I already had the Gingerdead ones, and make these every year for Mini Mint and his friends at our annual Hallowe'en party.

However, my friend Andrea and I have just decided to support the guys in work when they take part in Movember, by baking Munchstache cookies and selling them - so obviously I had to have the right kit for the job, and may have 'accidentally' bought some others while I was there.  No more spending for me this month.  You've got to remind me of this if you see me hankering after something.  NO. MORE. SPENDING.

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