Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday

A lot of my friends are posting old photos of themselves at the moment, for Flashback Friday - I decided to go a bit different, and look to some 'old' nail polish collections instead.

I went with (l-r):
Did It On 'Em (from the Nicki Minaj collection)
Simply Smashing (from the Serena Williams collection)
Just Spotted the Lizard (from the Spiderman collection)
Shatter the Scales (Shatter polish from the Spiderman collection).

The acid green colour of Did It on 'Em is one of my favourite greens, it's a rich cream that is smooth to apply, and needs two coats for full coverage.
Simply Smashing is a vivid metallic shimmer, that is quite sheer, and needs three coats for opacity.
Just Spotted the Lizard is a luscious duochrome, showing gold and olive green, and even hits of blue if you catch the light right - this needed two coats for full opacity.
Shatter the Scales was the Shatter shade that was part of the Spiderman collection - do you guys remember how popular Shatter was when it first came out?  I thought it was a bit 'Emperor's New Clothes' myself, and didn't really get into it, particularly the one in the Nicki Minaj collection which looked like dried blood, but I digress, back to Shatter the Scales... You have to wait for your base colour to be completely dry before applying Shatter, which can be a bit of a PITA, so I always use OPI's Rapid Dry Spray, which hurries the process along, as well as applying a thin layer of silicone which the Shatter seems to like.  I apply Shatter in slightly zig-zag motion, to give more randomness to the finish.
Everything topped of with OPI's Rapid Dry Top Coat - as always.  You can see the variance in colour of Just Spotted the Lizard below, it looks olive green on my middle finger, and gold on my little finger.

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