Sunday, August 18, 2013


I was recently sent some Batiste products to review, Strength and Shine Dry Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioning Mistspray and XXL Volumising Plumping Powder. 

I have to admit that I've never been a fan of dry shampoo, whenever I've used it in the past, I've felt like my hair was weighed down by the product, and my scalp would start to feel itchy quite quickly.  But I was game to try again, and after getting some advice from a couple of friends who use these products regularly I was ready to go.

I used the Strength And Shine Dry Shampoo one day after washing my hair, when it usually starts to look a little bit 'meh'.  It was easy to apply, and didn't smell as offensive as I remember it smelling in the past.  Again, I didn't particularly like the 'feel' of the product on my hair, but it definitely did look cleaner.  No sign of greasiness at all.   Unfortunately the nozzle stopped working on my can after the second use.

A couple of days later, again, in between washes, and thanks to the bizarre weather we've had here in the UK just lately - sun cracking the flags one day, and torrential rain the next, my hair was suffering from the effects of humidity, and was starting to go frizzy.  I have to say I love curly hair - on other people, on me, not a good luck, pure 100% frizz.  So - time to crack out the Smoothing Conditioning Mistspray.  Again, really easy to use, and pleasant smelling, I wasn't even aware that I was wearing 'product' on my hair.  I've used this another couple of times since, and have been impressed.

That leaves the final product I was given to test, the XXL Volumising Plumping Powder.  Caveat - I have short hair, so can't really 'rock' the high volume look... however, I used this in between washes again, when my hair was starting to look a bit 'meh', and it really perked it up.  I liked this product, again, none of the nasty smelliness that I usually associate with this type of product, and I didn't feel like I was wearing 'product' in my hair.

Personally, I wouldn't go out of the way to buy the first product - I didn't particularly like the feel of it, but it definitely delivered on it's promise.  I preferred the other two products, and would quite happily buy either of them again.

The products blurb, says:

  • Daily hair styling can cause your hair to become weak, brittle and tired looking. That’s why Batiste created the Strength and Shine Dry Shampoo, enriched with 
    L-Arganine – an amino acid known to stimulate the hairs follicles. A quick burst instantly refreshes your hair between washes and helps it to look and feel stronger, shinier and altogether gorgeous!
  • Goodbye brittle mop, hello silky locks - a few spritz of the superlight dry feel Smoothing Conditioning Mistspray, infused with Argan Oil, is perfect for the days when you are fighting the frizz or dry ends are driving you dotty. A quick spritz into the mid lengths & ends nourishes, smoothes fly-aways and helps retain moisture in dry unmanageable hair, giving you shiny, great looking hair every day.
  • If you love to make a statement with a big style, you’ll know that keeping it big isn’t always easy. Batiste new XXL Volumising Plumping Powder is the answer. It's ultra-light weight and perfect for straight, fine or slippery hair that doesn’t hold its style. A quick sprinkle will crank the volume up to 10 all day and all night.

*Disclaimer, I was sent these products free of charge to review.  

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